Meet Bas!

Focused, tireless, thorough, oversees the big picture.

In 2015 Bas, aka Mr. Wolf, started his journey as an independent contractor. Bas has grown into an experienced lead developer and architect working in production environments for over 20 years.

In software development he has been working in the field of architecture, design patterns, best practices, quality assurance, maintainable code and many other aspects that are important for building and delivering what is needed. But apart from this, Bas is also highly interested in the people that create the software products. Why has this person entered software development? What is it they like about it? What is it somebody is good at? What is it that someone does not enjoy?

Bas strongly believes in letting people do what they are best at and what they enjoy. He coaches team members on different levels.

White Russians & Dark humor.

Bas enjoys a White Russian cocktail whilst relaxing on a Saturday night and watching a movie. Besides his passion for high impact sports, he loves dark humor and enjoys sharing that with his brother.

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